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Hinckley Foodbank

On Tuesday 5-10-21 Julie from the Hinckley Foodbank visited our school and attended our whole school assembly to talk to all of us about the charity she works for. 


We wanted to find out more about Hinckley Foodbank because your generous donations will be split equally between this charity and the Westfield branch of Age Concern.


On Thursday 7th October - Year 1 and 2 Harvest Festival - there will be a Harvest raffle, with food hampers as prizes. All proceeds of the raffle will be donated to the Westfield branch of Age Concern to help fund their special Christmas dinner at the Community Centre. The other half of your contributions, specifically long life products, will be donated to Hinckley Foodbank. 


Julie started by asking us if we’d had breakfast this morning and explained very simply that there are many children in Hinckley who do not have breakfast because they have no food in their cupboards. We all agreed that we would feel hungry, tired and find it hard to concentrate at school. Sadly, there are many families that do not have enough money to buy food.


Julie showed us some examples of the long life food and supplies which included tinned goods, nappies, shower gel and deodorant that we could donate this Harvest time and that are donated throughout the year to many families who are in need.


She explained that the donations given to Hinckley Foodbank go into a big store and sit on shelves - just like you would see in a shop. There it is checked to make sure everything is in date. The items are bagged or boxed up and given away to individuals, couples or families so that everyone is fed and provided with what they need. Last year Hinckley Foodbank helped 5000 families which is absolutely amazing! 


Julie was thankful to us for supporting our local community this year. We can’t wait to receive your long life donations and are grateful for your support. More details of what you could bring into school on Thursday can be found on the letter dated 22.9.21. Thank you for your generosity in advance.