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Healthy School Week - Day 5

What a wonderful end to an amazing week! 

The whole school assembly was so informative and it was so lovely to see how much learning has taken place this week. Can you see your class' work on the display in the hall?


Today is National 'Wear a Scarf Day'. We had an assembly in our classrooms to share. The acronym SCARF stands for 5 words; Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship. The scarf is a representative of the way we should treat each other, the way we look after each other and the way we tackle our work. 


The learning did not stop there! 

In Reception the children had a great time in PE with Ben playing with the parachute. 



In Year 2 the children had a visit from a Policeman! It was so interesting to meet him and we had lots of questions to ask him like ' Can you go through red lights?, How do you catch people? and How do you train?'. Mr Johnson told us different roles in the Police Force and the different transports they may use. Can you remember what you should do if you see a police car coming down the road?