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Healthy School Week - Day 5

Today was our final day of our Healthy School Week and what a great day it was!


There were so many families joining us for a healthy breakfast this morning and then going to the classrooms to participate in reading activities with their children. It was great to see so many of you. We know that the children really love these opportunities to share school with their grown-ups!


After their reading activities the children went into our special Healthy School Week assembly. 


We started off with singing I've got a Body and then Class 8 told us how they had learnt all about the skeleton.  Can you remember how many bones are in our bodies?

Class 10 talked to us about Heart Start.  What a fantastic thing to learn about.  We then sang the song Healthy Heart and next Class 6 came up to the front to tell us about the Street Dance workshop they did.  We watched them demonstrate some of the moves they had learnt and then we watched a short video clip of their dance.  Well done Class 6.  


After Class 6, Class 1 came and showed us some of the Yoga moves they learnt earlier in the week.  Can you remember any of the Yoga positions?


Class 7 told us about the importance of brushing our teeth, which was great as we had just sung Too Many Toffees and then Class 9 told us all about the importance of hand washing.  Can you think of any times it is important that we wash our hands?


We then sang 'If you see somebody without a smile' and then Class 4 told us how they had been enjoying a Laughing Workshop.  They told us how good laughing is for our mental health and then told us a few jokes!  Very funny Class 4!  Next Class 2 told us about Smartie the Penguin and how we can keep ourselves safe online.  


Our final song was 5-a-day, everyone sang all the songs beautifully.  Thank you!  The last two classes were Class 3 and Class 5.  Class 3 told us how they had learnt where food comes from.  Can you remember what vegetable we need to make chips?  Class 5 told us all they had learnt about healthy eating and showed us some of the plates of food they had made that show a healthy balanced meal.  What a fantastic assembly everyone.  Well done!


Thank you to the Parents and Carers that were able to join their children for breakfast this week. It’s lovely to see so many families making the effort to come in early and enjoy a healthy start to the day together. We know the children have had a fantastic week and learnt so many things about staying healthy.


We are looking forward to doing it all again next year already!