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Healthy School Week Day 5

Today was our final day of our Healthy School Week and what a great day it was!


There were so many families joining us for a healthy breakfast this morning and then going to the classrooms to participate in reading activities with their children. It was great to see so many of you. We know that the children really love to come into school and have breakfast with their grown-ups!


After their reading activities the children went into our special Healthy School Week assembly. It was lovely to see so many Parents and Carers staying to find out what we have been up to this week.


Firstly Mrs MacLauchlan gave out certificates to the children who had bought back their sponsor money for the FINS activity on Monday. The money goes to the charity LOROS. If you haven’t bought your sponsor money back then please try to bring it in as soon after half term as possible.


Firstly Class 4 told us what they had learnt about hand washing. They told us how to wash our hands properly and had put the different steps of washing our hands onto a giant painted hand! They also told us when we need to wash them. We all need to remember to wash them after we have played outside, when we have been to the toilet, after we have touched pets and before we eat our meals.


Class 9 told us all about head lice. We learnt that they can’t jump but if we put our heads close to each other they can crawl over to another person’s hair! We found out how to get rid of head lice if we do catch them and how important it is to check our hair regularly.


Class 7 had been learning all about brushing teeth. They had made a giant tooth brush and tooth paste tube! They told us the steps to follow when brushing our teeth and how important it is to brush them for 2 minutes twice a day.


Class 3 had learnt about the ‘Eat Well Plate’ and had made lovely healthy eating plates of their own. They had used collage materials to make different healthy foods that they like for their plates. Miss Hamilton had seen that lots of children in Class 3 chose to make eggs for their plates!


Class 10 had been learning about healthy eating as well. They had been asked to cook a healthy dish at home and then tell their class mates all about it. This helped them to show their grown-ups at home what they have been learning about healthy eating and the skills they have been developing during our Cookery sessions. Some of the dishes they had made included, jacket potatoes, lamb pilaf, pancakes, Pongal, chicken fajitas and Afghani puloe! The children talked about the different ingredients and nutrients in the dishes they had made.


Class 1 told us about the work they had been doing on the human skeleton. They had leant that it helps us to move and if we didn’t have one then we would just be a flat piece of skin! The children told us that the skull protects our brain and the ribs protect our heart and lungs. The children showed us pictures of skeletons they had painted and told us they had also made playdough skeletons and completed skeleton jigsaws!


Class 8 explained all about the Zumba sessions that Year 1 and 2 children had taken part in. They told us that Zumba improves your fitness, is fun, makes our hearts beat faster and makes us out of breathe. They told us that the music helped to motivate them to keep going when they felt tires and they suggested that we should all give it a go! Finally some of the children gave us a demonstration of some of the moves they had learnt during the session.


Class 6 had been learning about the importance of sleep. We found out that when we are young we need 10 hours sleep each night! We also learnt that it is important to have a good bedtime routine each night and that reading a book can help us to feel sleepy. Using an iPad or watching the television just before we go to bed can make it hard for us to sleep.


Class 2 showed us what the EYFS children had been doing in their Yoga sessions. We were told that the sessions were based upon the Olympics and then some of the children demonstrated a few of the moves that they had learnt.


Class 5 told us about the importance of internet safety. They explained that they had been looking at Hector’s World on the computer which had helped them to learn about staying safe online.


After all the classes had shared what they had been learning with each other we said a big thank you to all of the kitchen staff who had worked so hard this week to cook the breakfasts. We gave them all a bouquet of flowers to show our appreciation for cooking our wonderful breakfasts.


We then drew the raffle to see who had won our amazing breakfast hampers. Each child that came to breakfast was able to put an entry into the box each day for a chance to win one of the hampers. There was one hamper for each day of the week.


Finally we said goodbye to our school nurse, Hazel. She has helped a lot of Westfield families in the past and we will miss her. She will be enjoying a holiday in Australia and then going to work at the George Elliot hospital. We presented her with a big bouquet of flowers to thank her for all of her help over the years.


We ended up with amazing display using the work that each class had produced to show us what they had been doing.


Thank you to the Parents and Carers that were able to join their children for breakfast this week. It’s lovely to see so many families making the effort to come in early and enjoy a healthy start to the day together. We know the children have had a fantastic week and learnt so many things about staying healthy.


We can’t wait to do it all again next year!