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Healthy School Week - Day 5

Today was the last day of healthy school week and it was great to see so many Westfield families starting the day by having breakfast together and then reading together in the classrooms.


The healthy school assembly today showed everyone all the exciting, interesting and fun facts the children have learned this week about being healthy.  Class 7 started filling the board by showing us all they knew all about keeping our teeth healthy.  Class 4 told us all about washing hands, Class 5 showed us they knew the names of our bones (including the scientific names!), Class 10 told us the importance of getting a good nights sleep, Class 6 treated us to some Zumba, Class 8 talked to us about Heartstart, Class 2 reminded us of the importance of being safe online, Class 1 showed their fantastic graph of the different foods they had tried, Class 9 were very knowledgeable about the 'eat well' plate and lastly Class 3 showed us their healthy dinner plates.


Mrs MacLauchlan presented the kitchen staff with some flowers (and a box of chocolates to share - just a little bit of chocolate as a treat!) to say thank you for their hard work this week and the healthy school week raffle was also drawn.  Well done to the winners!


Everyone's behaviour and singing was amazing during assembly - it must be because we've all been so healthy this week!


Thank you to all the parents/carers who came into breakfast and spent time in the classrooms this week.