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Healthy School Week - Day 3

Both breakfast and reading in classrooms was enjoyed again this morning by many families. What a great healthy way to start the day! Bug Club has been a very popular activity so don't forget to log on at home if you'd like another chance to read your books.


More classes enjoyed a trip to the Life Education Centre where they learnt how to live a healthy lifestyle including remembering that getting lots of sleep is vital to help them grow and to learn well the next day. 


It was Year 1's chance to take part in zumba classes this afternoon. This was an excellent way to get children active and excited about exercise.


The school nurses visited again! Reception learnt all about washing their hands and how important it is to wash those germs away. Year 2 children learnt more about dental hygiene. Can you remember which foods are good for your teeth and why? Which food and drinks will you avoid or only have as a very special treat?