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Healthy School Week - Day 2

We have had another busy and exciting day at Westfield Infant School! Thank you to all the adults and children who joined us for a delicious healthy breakfast! Again many children enjoyed the opportunity to do reading activities in the classroom with their grown ups.


Today was Safer Internet Day! Pupils across the school learnt all about staying safe on the internet with Smartie the Penguin and with the characters from Hector's World. Key messages included what to do if you had a pop up on your computer and that you should never share your personal information on the internet. Ask your child to explain to you what they have learnt about personal information and when it is safe to share this information and when it is not. Please look out for information about E-Safety that you will be receiving on Friday.


The Life Education Centre arrived in our playground today. The children were very excited to meet Harrold the Giraffe who helped them to learn about living a healthy lifestyle. We know it's important to eat and drink healthily, to get lots of exercise and sleep and to try to make ourselves and others happy. We also met Tam the body! We learnt all about the organs in our body and the very important jobs they do. Please ask your child what they know about healthy living and parts of the body.


We were very lucky to try out a different type of exercise today! We had a yoga class where we exercised, stretched and relaxed. We really enjoyed the sessions and liked trying something new.


If you haven't been in the Life Education Centre yet you will have the chance to go in on Wednesday or Thursday this week and if you haven't had a yoga class yet, you will get the chance on Wednesday!


As well as all of these exciting activities all pupils continued to work hard in their classrooms learning all about how to live healthily.