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Healthy School Week - Day 1

We have had a very busy and exciting day at Westfield Infant School for the start of Healthy School Week! It was an early start for some families this morning! They arrived at school for breakfast and then went to the classrooms for a Family Reading session. This was a great start to Healthy School Week with the children enjoying a healthy breakfast and also getting an extra reading opportunity.  

Thank you to those families who joined us this morning. Breakfast will be served from 8.00 a.m. every day this week. Family Reading sessions will take place between 8.15 and 8.45 a.m. Pre-school children and babies are also welcome!  

Throughout the day the children have been learning about things they can do to lead a healthy lifestyle.  

Throughout the week every class will having a ‘Healthy Living’ session with Ben. During these fun and active sessions Ben talks about the importance of staying active especially in the holidays when children can’t run around in the playground with their friends. The children learnt some fun active games to play in the holidays. Today Class 7 had their session with Ben. Please ask your children to show you the activities they learnt!  

Year 2 had a fantastic session with George Chuter, a professional rugby player who played for England! As well as playing some exciting games of rugby the children learnt about what it takes to lead a healthy life in order to be your best. They learnt that perseverance, determination and a lot of hard work leads to success (both on and off a playing field). We were so impressed by everyone who took part, well done and remember those important messages! 

Well done to everyone for a fantastic day!