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Healthy School Week - Day 1

We have had a fantastic start to Healthy School Week today. Breakfast in school started at 7.45am and lots of families enjoyed eating together. This was followed by Family Reading in every class. This is an opportunity for adults to go to the classrooms with their children and join in with reading activities. Parents/Carers of Reception pupils were invited to look at the Learning Journeys too. This opportunity will continue every morning this week between 8.15 and 9.10 a.m. Please do come in off the playground with your child for 10 minutes if you are able to do so. 


In every classroom the children have been working on various activities to promote health for life. Across the week children will be covering many topics including: the importance how to care for themselves well including hand washing, teeth brushing and bug busting, different forms of exercise and the effects this has on the body, a healthy a nutritional diet and the effects on the body, safety including both road and internet safety, first aid, the importance of sleep, mental health and happiness.  If you ask your child they should be able to tell you what an exciting day of learning they have had. The photographs might also help to remind them!


Today, half of the Year 1 children were very pleased to have a 'Relax Kids' session in the hall.  The children responded well to relaxation techniques and had a lot of fun too! See if they can teach you any to do as a family. They learnt that being healthy isn't just about what you eat and exercising, it's so important to be relaxed and happy too. There was a focus on how having a range of feelings and emotions is normal and having strategies to recognise and deal with our emotions is important to keep us mentally healthy.


Year 1 children all took part in a Street Dance lesson today! It was so much fun and fantastic exercise! By the end the children could dance a whole routine and did really well at keeping in time with the music. Year 1 and Year 2 will also have this opportunity later in the week.


Tomorrow morning the Life Education Centre will be arriving. We are really looking forward to continuing our learning!