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Healthy School Week - Day 1

We have had a fabulous start to Healthy School Week! Thank you to everyone who joined us for a delicious and healthy breakfast, it was a brilliant way to start the day! Don't worry if you couldn't make it for breakfast today, we will be serving breakfast everyday this week from 8am. Many thanks to all those parents/carers who visited their child's class to read together with them this morning. Lots of lovely reading activities were enjoyed by all including reading fiction and non-fiction books, using story sacks to act out stories and to play games, reading and writing real and alien words and even looking at Learning Journeys and Wow work folders. Again, don't worry if you missed it this morning, you are able to go into your child's class from 8.30am everyday this week, we look forward to seeing more of you tomorrow! 


After a very busy start to the day learning continued in many exciting forms today. Every class completed FINS. The children all worked very hard on their balancing, jumping and hoping skills! Thank you to all those who have sent in their sponsorship forms already and if you return the form and money this week your child will be presented with their certificate in assembly on Friday. You can continue to send in sponsorship forms after half term and your child will receive their certificate after the holiday. All the money raised is greatly appreciated by Loros and the pupils at Westfield Infant School have done a fantastic job of fundraising so far.


We also had a visit from the school nurse today where Reception classes learnt all about staying clean and healthy by washing their hands carefully and Year 1 learnt all about dental hygiene. Ask your children what they have learnt! When do they need to wash their hands? Why do they need to wash their hands? How do they make sure they wash their hands properly? How often do they need top brush their teeth? Which foods have lots of sugar? Which foods are good for your teeth?


As well as all of these exciting visitors into school children have been busy in the classes learning about healthy eating, what is inside your body, the jobs of organs, the importance of sleep, the importance of exercise, how to live a healthy lifestyle, how to stay safe on the internet and how to keep our bodies clean and what to do if we get head lice!


We have had a busy and exciting day of learning so I hope all the children manage to have a healthy dinner and an early night so they have lots of rest ready for more learning in the morning!