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Healthy Eating Show with Mr Ron

Today, all the children were introduced to King Custard, who owned an impressive castle with his daughter, Princess Vanilla. Unfortunately a wicked witch had placed a terrible spell on the King causing him to only eat unhealthy meals prepared by the villainous chef.


Can you remember why eating lots of unhealthy meals was a problem for King Custard and could be a problem for us too?


With the help of the children (and a friendly ghost that scared away the villainous chef), the King and his daughter were able to eat healthy meals prepared by a 'Healthy Eating' chef! 


The children did a fantastic job sorting foods into 'Healthy Choices' and 'Occasional Treats'


Children, can you tell your adults at home at least three items that could go under each heading?


Mr Ron was very impressed with the enthusiasm and knowledge demonstrated by the children and the show has been an excellent lead in to next week's very exciting Healthy School Week.

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