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Guide Dog Assembly

What a busy assembly we had this Friday!  Mrs Parkes gave out certificates for the Recorder Group, Miss Dixon gave out certificates for the Country Dancing Club and Mrs MacLauchlan gave out the next lot of exciting parcels to the Letterbox gang. 

Miss Bills then explained how Mrs Ratcliffe and Mrs Huddlestone had done a sponsored 'doggy paddle' and had canoed 19 miles down the canal.  The money raised  was enough to sponsor a guide dog puppy called Archie.  Miss Bills then introduced Elaine and her gorgeous guide dog puppy called Zeke.

Elaine told us that Zeke was only 18 weeks old and was still at the beginning of his training.  Zeke is learning all about how the world works and Elaine takes him to lots of places like shops, cafes and Zeke's favourite place McDonalds (where he eats all the chips off the floor!).

Elaine also told us that it is really important that if we meet a guide dog that we don't try and fuss it or call it.  This is because the guide dog is busy working and is doing a very important job.