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Great Fire of London- Year 1

What an exciting Friday we had with Mrs Ratcliffe! Year 1 had the opportunity to experience what it was like in London 1666. Before they got started everyone was reminded about fire safety. Mrs Ratcliffe had a bucket of water and taught the children about STOP! DROP! ROLL! Mrs Ratcliffe pretended she was Samuel Pepys and buried her wine and cheese in a deep hole underground. Pupils stood close together and passed 'flames' from one 'house' to another, using pom poms. Pupils learnt how the fire went out when it reached the River Thames. Mrs Ratcliffe was impressed that pupils applied their knowledge from their history lessons to explain why the fire spread so rapidly- Can you tell your adults at home the reasons why? Pupils discussed how the building materials used for the houses were highly inflammable and the effect the wind had on that September night! Pupils loved listening to the sound of water on the fire. At the end Mrs Ratcliffe ensured that the fire was put out safely before digging up the cheese and wine to show that it was still intact.