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Friendship Afternoon

This week in England is Anti-Bullying week.  The theme this year is ‘Power For Good’.

As part of this we had a Friendship Afternoon in school today.  The children were randomly mixed up across the year groups and went to different classes.  The aim was to make new friends, to talk about how to be a good friend and to discuss how to stop bullying.

The children started by watching a PowerPoint presentation about bullying and what would be the best ways to react in different scenarios.  The children spent time playing and working together on a number of different activities such as bracelet making, role play, construction and iPads to name but a few!

The children that visited the Reception classrooms took part in an activity where they thought of words to describe a good friend.  They then wrote these on paper chains and linked them together.

In the Year 1 classes the children enjoyed decorating biscuits and then choosing a friend to give them to.

Year 2 classes worked with a new friend to decorate a pair of paper chain of dolls.

All the activities enabled the pupils to work with children that they wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to work with.  The children had lots of fun together and hopefully will feel more confident and secure in school having made more friends in different classes and year groups.