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Feed the Hungry

What an amazing experience Year 2 School Council and International Council members had today!


We all visited St Johns Church to take part in the Feed the Hungry event.  We were welcomed by Rachel who told us why we had to wear a hair net and plastic gloves.  Can you remember why?


We were shown to our work station and listened really carefully to the important jobs we were given to do and everyone worked really hard. 

The jobs we had to do were:

  • Put a nutrient sachet in a bag
  • Hold the bag steadily under the funnel
  • Pour a level cup of soya mix
  • Pour two level scoops of lentils
  • Pour one level cup of rice
  • Pass the bag to the weighing station and make sure it was between 395-400g!
  • The bag was then passed to an adult who sealed the bag
  • The sealed bag was then passed to the labelling team to put a label on showing where it came from (Hinckley!)


As a team we had to make sure we had 36 complete bags before we could package them into a cardboard box.  Once this was done somebody got to DONG THE GONG and everyone in the hall celebrated.  Westfield Infant School showed great co-operation, perseverance and confidence in the different skills they were using and in total we packaged SIX boxes.  Each bag fed 6 children and everyone that took part completed 24 boxes during the morning, which meant that we packaged 5,000 bags of food.  What an achievement!


Our pupils were given a pencil and a Smartie challenge to encourage them to fill their empty tube with loose change.  If they would like to donate this to the Feed the Hungry Charity, Rachel from the team will come into school in January to collect them.


A massive thanks to Rachel and Elaine who organised the event and the many volunteers who supported our pupils.


Thank you to the School Council and International Council for your excellent behaviour.  You were amazing role models for the school.  We are all very proud of you.