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Father Dominic

In December 2013 Mrs MacLauchlan, Mrs Leeson, Mrs Fox and Brumas Bear went on a visit to India. They spent the first 2 days in Chennai where they were met by Father Dominic who showed them round and made them all feel very welcome.

Today Father Dominic visited Westfield Infant School and we were able to return his hospitality. The School Council met Father Dominic, Mr Nevett, Mr Childs and Margaret. We all had lunch together and then the School Council showed Father Dominic all round the school. He was most impressed.

During assembly we found out about some of the differences between the schools in India and Westfield Infant School. Father Dominic was very keen to thank everyone at Westfield Infant School for the support  that we have been able to give to the pupils in Pondicherry over the last few years.

We also presented Father Dominic with his own Westfield Bear and some elastics for the children at St Mathias Primary School to play with on their new playground.