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EYFS Sports Morning

Hooray, the rain held off for our fabulous EYFS sports morning! For the first time in a few years we were able to welcome back parents and carers to cheer us along! 


Mr James had organised six fun and rather energetic activities for us to participate in. These included:

  • throwing bean bags into hoops
  • running relay race
  • parachute jump with balls
  • balancing bean bags
  • going through hoops
  • standing jump.


This year we had to work as a team to try and win the coveted Sports Day trophy for EYFS πŸ†. Class 2 were the defending champions as one of their groups won last year - would they win again?!


In Class 1 the πŸ¦Š foxes and the πŸ‡ rabbits were competing for the trophy. In Class 2 the 🦑 badgers and the moles were set to take on the challenges. In Class 3 the πŸ¦” hedgehogs and the πŸΏ squirrels were ready to do their best!


Ben oversaw the activities and occasionally leant us some extra help when the teachers looked tired! He timed us whilst we tried to score as many points as we possibly could as each group carouseled around the six activities. Well done to all of you - you put in 100% effort and sportsmanship. You made us all so proud. 🀩


On completion of every activity, Ben totalled the points and revealed the scores in reverse order… Every group received a hug clap for their hard work as a team. Congratulations to the πŸΏ Squirrels in Class 3 on winning the πŸ† trophy this year! You were each presented with a medalπŸ… and EVERYONE who took part this morning received a special sticker at the end of the school day. 


Huge thanks to Ben who has taught us all so much over the past year. We have thoroughly enjoyed his fun PE lessons on a Friday morning as he has packed them with the knowledge and skills we will need ready for Year 1! 


Thank you to parents/carers, grandparents and friends of the school for coming to support us today. It was so lovely to see you and hear you clap and cheer us on!