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EYFS Sports Morning

Today's the day! Ben welcomed everyone and reminded us about the activities we've practised over the past three weeks, putting our PE skills to the test!


The Foxes and the Rabbits from Class 1, the Badgers and the Moles from Class 2 and the Squirrels and the Hedgehogs from Class 3 had the best time ever participating in six events - 

Tug of War

Cone Throw

Dodgeball Throw

Resilience Relay

Egg and Spoon and...

Sack Race.


Thank you so much for supporting us and cheering us along in our teams, if you were able to. The atmosphere was fantastic!


Super resilience, perseverance and cooperation - you did all of us proud!


The scores on the doors were very, very close! Congratulations to the Hedgehogs who were the winning team today and lifted the trophy!


Huge thanks to Ben for teaching us this year, we have loved PE each Friday morning!