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Dogs Trust Assembly

Today we were delighted to welcome back Sarah Saunders from Dogs Trust who started by talking to the whole school about general Dog Awareness. The children and the adults learnt a lot about dogs and when it is good to stroke them and when you should not disturb them. Can you remember the most important message children?

You must NEVER approach or stroke a dog without asking the permission of the owner.

After assembly a number of adults stayed for a session with Sarah so they could find out even more about dogs and dog behaviour. Some parents/carers came because they are nervous of dogs, others came  because their children are nervous of dogs and some came because they are worried that their child is over confident around dogs.

At the end of the session the children joined their adults and we all played some games that helped us to learn more about dogs. Mrs MacLauchlan then gave all the adults and children a sticker for working so hard and learning so much.

A big thank you to Sarah for giving up so much time to be in school. All the children who took part in the sessions with an adult got a certificate, a sticker and a Dogs Trust key ring! They were very excited.

After half term we are going to have a collection of useful items that the Dogs Trust need. They always need old towels, blankets, dog biscuits, dog toys and in fact anything you need to have to look after a dog! This will be our way of saying thank you to Sarah.