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Connor's Bakery Assembly

The children had a special assembly this morning. The owner and baker of Connor's Bakery visited the children to talk about their business here, in Hinckley. 


We found out that bread had been made for many years and we had the opportunity to look at different types of breads that could be bought at the bakery. Some of these were from different parts of the world, including Poland. We looked at some of the ingredients that are needed to make bread. Can you remember the name of the ingredient that causes bread to rise?


At the end of the assembly, we had some of our questions answered and discovered that the baker worked extremely hard, having to wake up and start working at midnight! 


Our visitors kindly left different types of breads for us to try, including white, brown, granary and sour dough. Which type was your favourite?


Later on this year, we will be making bread in school, but why not try making some of your own at home. It smells fantastic when it is baking in the oven!