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Community Gardening

During the summer holidays Miss Hamilton and Mrs MacLauchlan watered the plants and crops, picked the raspberries and vegetables and did their best to look after the Class Garden Plots for you. As you all know it was very hot during the first few weeks of the summer holiday and the water butts needed filling so the plants in the greenhouse got enough water.

Mr Burrows has been working in the Pond Area. He has almost finished and it is looking fantastic.

Today we were delighted to see a team of Community Volunteers who came to work in the grounds so that everywhere will look  nice for you when you come back to school on Thursday! You will be amazed to see what has been growing in the greenhouse and you will see the results of your hard work on the salad cart on Thursday.

The staff are all busy getting the school ready for you and we are looking forward to seeing you all on Thursday.