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Classes 6 and 7 Wharf Trip

"We're going on the Wharf Trip - We're going to have a fun time - What a beautiful day - We'll learn SO much!"
Before we left Classes 6 and 7 recalled the SAFE rule to remind us how to keep safe near water - Stay Away From the Edge! A fun-packed day with a variety of stimulating activities that engrossed all pupils including paddling on a bell boat, making observational drawings of the narrow boats, using binoculars to spot wildlife and nature, walking all the way to the Marina to investigate the names of narrow boats and ACTUALLY walk through one. At lunchtime Mr Burrows set us a hula hoop challenge which encouraged staff and pupils to problem solve! Take a look at the photos below to see just how much fun we had!
A MASSIVE 'THANK YOU' to all pupils who were absolutely fantastically behaved - it was a delight to take you! Thank you also to all staff for your help and to all parents/carers of Class 6 and 7 pupils.