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Classes 4 and 7 Wharf Trip

Wow ! It was class 4 and class 7's turn for a trip down to the Wharf and all the children were very excited.

The weather was perfect as was the children's behavior. Our day started off with a gentle walk down to the Wharf which we all enjoyed. When we got down there Mr Burrows told us all about the exciting and very interesting history of the building that surround the Wharf. He told us about the old prisons underneath the ground and how the bad people used to get taken a very long way away...all the way to Australia! Which had some off us thinking about Mrs England's trip to Australia. Surely Mrs England didn't go to Australia because she was naughty ?! Class 4 will have to investigate further.

Mr Maksymiw had split us into 3 groups. Each group had a chance to walk to the Marina and have a nosy round. We even went onto a real narrow boat! Another exciting activity was an alphabetical eye spy back at the Wharf, we all did very well at this. We also had a chance to do an observational drawing of a narrow boat.
Mr Burrows took groups out on one of his boats and they paddled up and down the canal discussing what they could see and learning more about the history and uses of canals.

All in all a fantastic day was had by all. A big well done to class 4 and class 7 for their super behavior and a very big thank you to all the adults that were involved.

Please take a look through our pictures!