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Class 9 Assembly

What an excellent class assembly Class 9 presented to the rest of the school. Just like Mr Squires said, it was brilliant to have a mini History lesson as well as bonfire safety. 


Class 9 taught everyone about why we celebrate Bonfire Night because of Guy Fawkes and his men trying to blow up the Houses of Parliament and King James I. Fortunately they were caught in time and Parliament was saved. What an interesting fact we learnt that the explosion would have travelled 500m!


The second part of Class 9's assembly was all about bonfire safety during bonfire night. They told us 3 important safety rules.

stay behind the safety rope

2 Put sparklers in a bucket of water 

Only let adults light the fireworks


We are so proud of Class 9 with their reading and acting during the performance. 



We hope everyone has a wonderful bonfire night and hope that you all stay safe.