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Class 8 Assembly - Happiness

What a fantastic assembly by Class 8, which was all about being happy!


Every child told us what happiness is to them and the responses included: 'giving my mum a hug,' 'achieving something new,' 'playing with my brother on the Xbox,' 'going on holiday' and 'playing with friends.' Class 8 shared three different ways for showing you are happy; smiling, shedding a tear or laughing. The delivery of three jokes certainly made the audience laugh! Do you know any jokes to make your friends laugh?


Following this Class 8 showed us the Makaton sign for happy and read about 2 children in different parts of the world, informing us of what makes them happy. They made links to our Connecting Classrooms project by telling us that although some children around the world do not have PlayStations and as many toys as us, they are still happy because they have friends and go to school. Class 8 sang 'We are happy that we have...' which reminded us all to be thankful of the food we have, families we live with and homes we live in. The HAPPY face was shown to remind everyone to keep their peg on this face! Finally the whole class acted out an amazing story called 'The Scarecrows' Wedding by Julia Donaldson which obviously had a very happy ending!


Well done Class 7 and 8!