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Class 6's Space Assembly

This afternoon Class 6 shared all of there learning about Space. They started off by sharing a class poem;

S is for Sparkling Stars

P is for Planets orbiting the Sun

A is for Amazing Astronauts

C is for Crazy Comets

E is for Earth, our favourite planet


Class 6  then told us the names of all of the planets in our Solar System.

Can you remember the name of the planet closet to the Sun?


Class 6 then told us about the two American Astronauts that landed on the Moon many years a go.

Can you remember their names?


Class 6 shared there Art work of the famous constellation 'The Plough'.


What did you think it looked like?

The assembly ended with a different version of the song 'Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star'.

A big well done to Class 6, you were all amazing!