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Class 6 Wharf Trip

Class 6 had their trip to the Wharf today and it was AMAZING!


All the children showed great enthusiasm and determination when taking part in the very exciting activities. We had a chance to try out bell-boating, canoeing and we even went on a trip along the canal.


The listening and looking skills were great and class 6 really impressed Mr Burrows and the instructors at the Wharf. So much so we decided to have a race across the Wharf in our canoes and bell-boats! All the paddling and effort put in was well worth it as we were rewarded straight after with lunchtime!


Thanks to the beautiful weather we had today we were able to sit in a circle and have our lunch on the grass next to the Wharf. The children loved eating together outside and it wasn't long until they had finished their well deserved lunch!


In the afternoon we put our safety gear back on and headed out onto the canal as a class. It was fantastic travelling up the canal as a  group and putting to test our newly learnt paddling skills. 


Who can remember how to 'Park the paddle'?


Who can remember what narrow boats were used for?


What were the rubbing marks on the bridge from?


Please have a look through our photos to see how much fun we have had today.


Thank you so much to all the Class 6 grown ups, we had an unforgettable day and experienced new things!