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Class 6 Botanic Gardens Visit

What beautiful weather we had today for our trip. The sun was shining all day and made the Botanic Gardens look amazing, so much so that we didn't want to leave.


The children had great fun learning about plants and ingredients from around the world and had opportunities to flex their geographical knowledge. We learnt about and saw plants from Spain, Egypt, America, Jamaica and the United Kingdom. We then discussed what these plants can be used for and how they are so valuable to us.


Can you remember where the Cherry tree grows? 


Can you think about the journey a banana goes on to arrive in the UK?


How is honey made?


What plant has sharp spikes to stop it from being eaten?


Discuss with your grown ups at home what plants you saw today that you really liked and see if you have anything familiar in your own garden...


During our day at the Botanic Gardens we collected 11 special ingredients as we explored the grounds. We then used these ingredients to create a rather tasty cake. The children enjoyed an outdoor lunch and playtime in the astonishing grounds. Not many people can say they had their lunch with a 200 year old Red Wood today!


Please take a look through our pictures and see the fun we had. The children were all incredibly well behaved and enjoyed every minute of the day, so well done children.