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Class 6 Assembly - Water

Well done Class 6 and pupils from Class 7 for extending our knowledge of Water this afternoon.  Following on from the Year 1 'Water' theme in Harvest earlier in the week, pupils displayed their love of water through song, dance, music and poetry. 

Excellent whole class singing of 'Wet, Wet, Wet' and 'Sing a Rainbow' complete with Makaton singing.  Mrs Leeson explained how precious Water is around the world and how some countries including India and Africa have very little rainfall.  One pupil demonstrated how some children walk for miles to pump clean water into a container before carrying it back on top of their heads to their families in villages.  Staff, pupils and parents/carers were also treated to a tribal rain dance accompanied by pupils playing percussion instruments...I wonder if that's the reason why it rained all afternoon?! 

We were also reminded about our responsibilities at home and at school - saving water by turning those taps off properly...Remember those Eco-Warriors are always on the look at around our school! Well done to those pupils who read the Acrostic poem so clearly. Finally a fun umbrella and wellies dance was choreographed to 'Singing in the Rain'.  A fantastic end to a busy week with an International theme. Special thanks to Mrs Bailey, Mrs Moore and Miss Hussey!