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Class 6 & 7 assembly - where does our food come from?

A huge well done to Class 6 and 7 children for their fantastic assembly all about food! Children explained where our food comes from. They sang the song 'Old MacDonald' then explained which food products we get from each animal. They also explained that many of our foods come from plants.


Children explained the importance of buying food locally to reduce food miles which can be harmful to our environment. They thought about the packaging on food and showed three different informative food labels for the children to look out for when they go shopping: Red Tractor (for animal welfare), Organic (food produced without chemicals that harm our environment) and Fair Trade. The children explained that we do have to buy some food from other countries as we can't grow it in this country so we try to buy fair trade products. Fair trade products mean that farmers get paid fairly for the work they have done to produce the food. Finally the children sang their Fair trade song brilliantly. 


Please look out for these three very important labels on packaging next time you go shopping!