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Class 5 Wharf Trip

Class 5 have had a fantastic day on their trip to the Wharf. They started the day so well by walking sensibly from school to the Wharf. We had fruit and a drink and then got on with the fun activities. They included:


Going on the bell boat with Nick. We all put a life jacket on and were directed how to safely get on to the boat. We then got safely onto the boat and sat down ready to paddle around the lake. We all worked really well together to paddle the boat the whole way around! We even had a stop to look out for some fish. Can you remember the name of the fish we saw? 


We then got a chance to go on a kayak on the canal. We used our rowing skills we learn from Nick and got all the way down to the Marina. We waved to narrow boats that passed us by. Before we took the boats back to the Wharf we stopped at the canal bridge and Ernest talked to us about the ropes that were used to pull the carts on the water. Can you remember what used to pull the ropes? 


Finally we spent some time with Mr Burrows and he talked to us about different animals and their habitats. We had been learning about this in our Science lessons so Mr Burrows was really impressed with what we already knew. Can you remember which animal is cold blooded? 

Afterwards we helped Mr Burrows build an impressive shelter which we could all fit inside! 


We all had so much fun! Thank you to Mr Burrows, Ernest and Nick for a wonderful day. 


A big well done to Class 5 for all being so well behaved and following the Golden Rules.