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Class 5 visit to the Wharf

Row row row your boat gently down the... Canal!

Wow what an amazing day! Class 5 were very busy doing lots of activities at the Wharf.
They learnt about the secret tunnel, sssshhhh! You will find out about it in our Canal Assembly on Tuesday. They had such a fun time learning how to paddle and some children even had to pull the boat! After all that hard work they had the chance to do some observational drawings of narrow boats and even played a game of I-spy writing down all the things we could see! We all walked down to the Marina and investigated the names of the narrow boats that were moored there and even had the chance to look inside one. We saw the family of swans too!

At the end of the day Mr Burrows asked us some questions and we won prizes, they were a fender and a swans egg!

We had a great day and even had time for a few games at lunch time. Well done to all the children, you were all so well behaved and made the most out of the super opportunity. The grown ups are really proud of you! Thank you also to the grown ups at home who all sent the children in really well prepared.