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Class 4 Assembly - The Great Fire of London

Today Class 4 did a fantastic assembly all about The Great Fire of London.


They started off with a quiz asking us if we knew who the famous historical figures were.  Can you remember who they were? 


Next we heard all about when and how the Great Fire of London started.  Do you remember how it started?  Some children showed us how the fire spread because the buildings were made out of wood and they were built very close together.  The King decided to blow up some houses to try and make a fire break but unfortunately it didn't work.


Class 4 showed us how people used leather buckets filled with water from the Thames to put the fire out, but it wasn't very effective.


We then learnt how much damage the fire did to London and how it eventually went out.  Can you remember?


Class 4 finished with a song all about The Great Fire of London.


What a fantastic assembly Class 4!  Great acting, reading and singing.  Well done!


If you missed the assembly, you can view it here: