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Class 10's Assembly

Class 10 were so excited to share all of the learning they have been doing since starting in Year 2 with the rest of the school and grown ups.


They started by telling everyone what a castle was and the three different types of castles. Can you remember what they were called? 

M______ and B_____




Then the children shared what they had learnt about the different parts of a castle, bringing each piece together to make a big castle. Can you remember what the turrets were for?


Then the children shared some courtly dancing they had learnt. The King and Queen were very impressed. 


A Jester then came to entertain the King and Queen making them laugh by juggling and being silly. 


We talked about a famous local king we had been learning about. Can you remember his  name? King R________ III.


Finally the children ended the assembly by singing us a song 'The King is the castle.'


A big well done to all of Class 10 for a super assembly.