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Class 10 Assembly - Castles

Class 10 were so excited to share all of the learning they have been doing since starting in Year 2 with the rest of the school and grown ups.


They started by telling everyone what a castle was and the three different types of castles. Can you remember what they were called? 

M______ and B_____




Then the children shared what they had learnt about the different parts of a castle, bringing each piece together to make a big castle. Can you remember what the turrets were for?


Then the children shared some courtly dancing they had learnt. The King and Queen were very impressed. 


A Jester then came to entertain the King and Queen making them laugh by juggling and being silly. 


We talked about what we had learnt on our trip to Tamworth Castle and how we met the Lady of the house. We learnt how to speak properly to her. Some servants showed us this by always doing a bow and curtsey. Do you remember what the servants had to say to the Lady?


Some knights then showed us how the knights prepare for battle. 


Finally the children ended the assembly by singing us a song 'The King is the castle.'


A big well done to all of Class 10 for a super assembly.