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Class 10 Assembly

Class 10 had the chance to share their learning with the school community this afternoon. After a very busy topic, learning about castles, the children enthusiastically taught us some of the important lessons they learned from their trip to Tamworth Castle. This included how to hold a sword and a bill hook.

Can you remember what a ‘girl’s bow’ was called?


The children had worked hard as a class to create a new dragon adventure story. Georgina the dragon had been worked very hard looking after all the people from the castle. She decided to give herself a well-earned rest, but can you remember which country she flew to? On her return, Georgina terrified the enemy and was able to protect the castle once again.


As a school, we all finished the assembly with a super rendition of ‘Shake Your Sillies Out’.

Well done Class 10 for a great assembly!