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Children Around the World - Years 1 and 2 Christmas Play

Our Christmas Play this year started with eight children discovering an ancient box of Christmas crackers. These were not ordinary crackers, they were magical ones that transported the children to six different countries around the world. As the children pulled each cracker they told parts of the very special Christmas story that began in Bethlehem many, many years ago.


The children were in turn welcomed to Spain, Hawaii, India, America, China and Africa and were treated with what can only be described as highly professional dances that reflected these countries!


The audiences were astonished at the dance moves the children (and the teachers) had learned and ably performed with smiles on their faces! The speakers did an amazing job at speaking clearly and the catchy international songs reminded us all of the real reason for the season. Can you remember what this is?


The play ended with the Nativity scene and a reminder that the journey of Christmas still continues with people all over the world celebrating the birth of Jesus, God’s own precious son who came to show us all his love for each and every one. 


What was your favourite song and why?

How do you celebrate Christmas at home?

Can you find out how to say Happy Christmas for your class country?

Can you remember who visited baby Jesus in Bethlehem?


Thank you for supporting the pupils with learning lines and even practicing dances with them in your lounge!


We wish all of our Westfield families a very happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year!