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Boundary Farm Visit

We had a special visit to Boundary Farm this term because as we arrived farmer Richard told us Butterfly the cow was about to give birth! We had to be very quiet and we managed to see the calf being born. Farmer Niamh helped Butterfly by pulling the calf out with some ropes and then Butterfly licked the calf’s face so it could breathe properly. The calf was a girl and would be called Butterfly too. One of the children summed up how we all felt as they said ‘That was incredible!’.

We also went to visit all the little lambs, there were lots and we got to stroke them. Some were still in a pen for two days and lots were running around the barn. We then got to feed two lambs a warm bottle of milk, they drank it very quickly!

The farm has some new animals they didn’t have before; pigs! 6 piglets ran around our feet and they liked to have a little nibble of our wellies!

We got to meet a very friendly chicken and give it a stroke.

Lastly we had a tour of the milking parlour and learnt how we get milk from cows and the cluster milking unit sucked at our hands.

We all had a wonderful time, the children asked some great questions and we learnt so much