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Boundary Farm Visit

We had a wonderful visit to the farm this afternoon in the lovely sunshine. 

It was great to see Farmer Richard and Rachael again as well as their son Farmer Tom. 

We found out that Boundary farm is a dairy farm so they have lots of cows that produce milk. They have beef cows at the farm too! Cows are very hungry animals and we learnt that they eat 50kg of food a day, that's about the weight of 3 children! They eat sugar beat, straw and silage which is chopped up grass. The children thought this smells like pears! The cows also drink a whole bath tub full of water every day, about 90 litres!

We noticed that the cows barn was very mucky. We found out about the slurry pit that the muck is swept in to every night. This manure is then used on the fields as fertiliser. 

We visited the calves too and they drank milk and they licked rock salt which comes from the Himalayas! This gives them the minerals they need for a balanced diet.    

We visited the sheep and lambs in the field. These lambs were only 3 weeks old! 

Finally we visited the milking parlour where we found out how to milk the cows! 

The children were so well behavaed and had a fantastic learning experience. They are looking forward to telling everyone about their visit after Easter.