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Boundary Farm visit

Today we visited Boundary Farm in the glorious sunshine! We were very lucky as it is the beginning of the lambing season at the farm. We were fortunate enough to witness triplet lambs being born! The farmers tickled their noses to make them alert after they were born. They lambs were then cleaned up by their mothers. 


Next we saw some lambs that were only 7 hours old. These were already walking and feeding from the ewes (mother sheep) and they were nice and clean! 


We visited the chickens too. We fed them chicken feed and they pecked at our toes which tickled! We also saw some young calves who we fed straw to. 


The children had a go at painting numbers with spray paint. The farmers use this paint to number the mother sheep and lambs so they know when they were born and how many lambs the ewe had. 


We saw lots of machinery on the farm too including a slurry tank and a straw bedder. Perhaps you could find out the use of these vehicles on the farm.