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BLUNDERBUS: Lily and the Snow Bear

Year 1 and 2 had the exciting opportunity to watch a Blunderbus production of 'Lily and the Snow Bear' this morning. It was another fantastic performance which engaged and entertained the whole audience, children and adults. Lily's Grandpa had been busy preparing a christmas present for his granddaughter, but can you remember what had been ordered from Amazon?

Due to the problems with the gift, Lily had been left feeling a little lonely so she set off on her own adventure. High in the mountains, Lily spotted clues of someone, or something else nearby. What was the clue in the snow?

After showing the shy snow bear that she was a good friend, Lily and her new friend continued through the tall, snowy mountains. Unfortunately, Lily and the snow bear were not alone. Pike and Slugworth, two fierce hunters, were after a grand catch! They were surprised to find and successfully capture Dougie Raggybottom (Mr James). Can you remember what they wanted to do to him?

Finally, after several attempts to catch the snow bear and Lily, the terrible hunters finally got what they deserved, a frozen bath under the broken ice. Can you remember how Lily stopped the hunters following her over the bridge?


All alone with the snow bear, Lily had no way of getting home. Thankfully, Grandpa had sorted out the balloon problem and floated gracefully over the mountains to be reunited with his granddaughter. Before leaving her new friend, Lily and Grandpa were delighted to see the snow bear's mum appear and take her child back home too. 

What was your favourite part? Who was your favourite character? What made you laugh? What made you think?


Year 2 children had the opportunity to ask questions after the show about the performance, characters, puppets and Blunderbus actors.


Thank you to all the adults who were able to join us for the performance and laugh along with the children.