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Blast Off! Play in a Day

In preparation for antibullying week 2015 Year 1 completed a 'One Day Creative' friendship workshop called Blast Off! In this space themed workshop pupils used drama to imagine that they had travelled to another planet. When they got there they met an alien, he was a sad alien. They could tell that he was sad even though he didn't speak English, his language didn't make any sense. How do you think the children knew he was sad? They managed to communicate with the alien and even cheer him up without speaking his language. How do you think they cheered him up? They helped other aliens settle arguments and talked about what to do if you are feeling angry. What do you think you would suggest to help the aliens calm down? Everyone was happy by the end of the mission and the crew flew back to Earth! 


At the end of the day the whole school was invited to an assembly to watch 9 Year 1 performers act out the play for everyone to enjoy! Thank you to 'One Day Creative' as everyone had a very enjoyable day and a valuable learning experience.