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Autumn Boundary Farm Visit

We were very lucky to visit Boundary Farm today. The children all behaved brilliantly on the busy farm and listened well to keep themselves safe and learn a great deal. 


We were met by Farmer Richard and Farmer Rachael when we arrived. First we found out that Boundary Farm is a dairy farm so they keep 250 cows who produce lots of milk. If anyone buys their milk from Aldi you will be buying milk from this farm! 


We visited the maize filed and we saw the chopped up maize ready for the cows to eat. The tallest maize plant is 10ft tall so that's as tall as Farmer Richard with one of the children standing on his head!


Next we headed to the pumpkin field where we saw hundreds of huge pumpkins. We saw three different colours of pumpkin, can you guess the colours we saw?


We met the cows and the calves too. It was tagging day on the farm today so we saw a two week old calf get his tags. It is a legal requirement that every cow must wear 2 tags in it's ears to identify it. These tags are called passports and they contain information including when and where the cow was born, the breed of cow, whether it's a boy or girl and who its mum is. 


We needed to clean our extremely muddy boots before getting back on the bus with a pumpkin each that the farmers kindly allowed us to take home. Overall, a fantastic visit!