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Author Visit

Today we were very lucky to have an author visit Westfield Infant School. 

Can you remember what an author is? 


Her name was Sophie Edgar. We welcomed Sophie to our school in a whole school assembly in the morning. Sophie told us all about when she first started writing books. 


Can you remember how old she was when she wrote her first book? 


Sophie also shared with us how she has become an author and what she had to do become a better writer. 


She had to read lots of books and practise her writing all the time. 


What does Sophie carry with her all the time to put her ideas into?


Sophie wrote her first published book last year which is called 'The day Mr Bumble came to stay'. Which is all about how a little girl called Lucy is afraid of bees, but by helping a poorly bee, she grew to like them. 


Throughout the day Sophie did some workshops with each year group where we got to learn how to write our own story using 'Story storms', hear more stories and more how Sophie wrote her book. 


Sophie set us a competition to write our own story! Mrs Hutchinson is going to be her judge and will choose three winners to receive a prize. 

Your story needs to have a main character, an animal they are afraid of and a reason why at the end of the story they are not afraid any more. You can write your story on lots of pieces of paper, just one or even just do some illustrations. Give your stories to your class teacher so they can pass them onto Mrs Hutchinson.


Happy writing and good luck!


A huge thank you to Sophie for visiting us this week. We all learnt so much about being an author and helping to inspire us to write our own stories.