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Andy Tooze visits Westfield for the day!

What an exciting day we have had with our special guest Andy Tooze. Andy is a poet which means that he writes poems. He was invited to Westfield Infant School with a view to excite and engage the children in poetry…


Andy kick-started the day with a whole school assembly, inspiring us from the start by getting us up and on our feet to participate in one of his action poems. He taught us that poems are easy and poems are fun! Andy shared that he’s an author because he has written poetry books – he brought three along today AND with a little help from us, performed ‘Baby in a buggy.’ He shared his little notebook with us which was full of crossing out which showed how his ideas change as he writes poems and he reminded us that this is what good writers do! Another of his poems called ‘That Room’ – a very funny poem all about toilets – proved very popular with many of us (including the teachers!) Andy also showed us a library card and promoted our local library where you can borrow and enjoy books for free!


During the morning, Andy enjoyed working alongside the Year 2 children developing ideas and writing their own animal poems. The poems that you all produced were superb children. Andy was really impressed with the fun you had with rhyming and language. Year 1 children worked with Andy in the afternoon and each class composed a poem based on their topic All Around the World. Each class practised a different poem written by Andy.


At the end of the day, the whole school met together again in the hall for a special round up assembly. A chance to share and celebrate a wonderful day of hard work and fun! Andy selected a ‘quality quartet’ from each Year 2 class to represent what they’d been up to. Wow! These children read their animal poems out beautifully in an audible voice to the whole school. What a delight to see your confidence! In turn, each Y1 and Y2 class stood to recite and perform different action poems written by Andy:

Class 10 – Fire Bell

Class 9 – Class Rules

Class 8 – Ten Tired Tomatoes

Class 6 – Fit Club

Class 5 – Sledging

Class 4 – Disco Bus

Classes 1, 2 and 3 debuted three poems which they have learnt from their Poetry Basket called Chop Chop, Pointed Hat and Falling Leaves. What a treat you gave us – everyone was joining in and you even had actions! Everyone was very impressed including Andy and Mr Squires!


A fabulous day ended with opportunity of buying one or more of Andy’s books to read for ourselves. He even signed them for us. Huge thanks to Andy for spending the day with us and for enthusing our children all day long!


If you’ve been inspired today to read more poetry and to write poems – go for it! What’s stopping you…?