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A Firefighter Visits Year 1

Today a firefighter came to visit us at school as we have been learning about superheroes.

We thought about road safety and some of the important things to think about when we are in a car or near a road. Can you share any of these with your adults at home?

We also watched a video about a firefly called Frances who listened to Cocky the Cockroach and lit a match! Unfortunately, he burnt his wings and caused a lot of damage to his city. Frances learned to never play with matches. We know this too!

The firefighter taught us what to do if our clothes ever caught fire. We now know to STOP! DROP! ROLL! The firefighter also explained that when there is a fire, we need to protect ourselves from the smoke and he said we could do this by crawling along the floor to the nearest fire exit. We listened really well and know what to do when we hear a fire alarm at home or at school.