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3 more sleeps until India!

Hello! It's the dynamic duo - Kira and Cole!
What a busy week we're having.  We love watching your Christmas plays and think your singing is superb.  We've just about learnt the words so we'll be singing them to Mrs MacLachlan all the way to India!

We're getting very excited about Friday because it will be our first time on an aeroplane.  Mrs Leeson has packed us some colouring to do during the journey and has told us both to have a rest if we're feeling tired! 

The two books for St. Mathias are now complete. The first book is called All About Westfield Infant School which introduces every member of staff and each class.  It is packed with photos showcasing all of the amazing activities that children, staff and parents/carers can be involved in. It gives a snapshot of a typical day at Westfield Infant School and explains what happens during Assemblies, Letters and Sounds and even lunchtime.  It has been written by the Year 1 Lanterns Literacy Group and shows what school is like through the eyes of a child.  At the end of this book Mrs Leeson has included ALL of your wonderful comments that were entered onto the Persona Doll competition form.  Thank you for those - they were ALL different! We are both in this book, but you'll have to look closely to find us!

The second book is called Roles and Responsibilities and clearly explains how our pupils learn to develop their independence throughout their time at Westfield Infant School.  We're both in this book too and loved having a photo with the Eco-Warriors, School Council and Librarians - we certainly learnt a lot about their roles at school and why they have special jobs.  The book also explains the responsibilities that the children have around the school including looking after their own property, following the Golden Rules at School and at Home and turning taps off properly to save water.

We are sure the staff and children at St. Mathias will love looking at them.  We are also taking a set of Golden Rules and our behaviour system showing the happy, thinking and sad face, Carpet Time Rules, two Playground Friends caps and Westfield Bears complete with uniform! Remember you can keep up to date with our adventures in India by 'blogging' (found in the Children tab). A copy of each book will be kept at Westfield in the library. 

Love Kira and Cole xx

Here are a few photos that appear in the books: