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As a result of an Ofsted inspection in March 2011 Westfield Infant School was graded as Outstanding. We were therefore surprised to receive a Section 8 Inspection in February 2014 which became a Section 5 Inspection. This was a surprise because the school had not experienced any significant changes and had continued to make progress towards outcomes. The Inspection Team in February 2014 once again confirmed that this school is Outstanding and the register inspector made it clear that he was perplexed as to why we had been inspected so soon after our previous successful inspection. One possibility is that the unique make up of Westfield Infant School is not easily identified in that we have a 20 place unit for pupils with Moderate Learning Difficulties (MLD). Being a single key stage school and having the outcomes of all pupils included in our Phonics Check and the End of Key Stage 1 results make us a complicated school for the Inspection Team.


Below is the link to the summary page of of our current School Evaluation Form (SEF).