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Westfield Sponsor a student from India

Last year the School Council were very keen to sponsor a student to go to the 6th form at St Mathias School. Andrew Childs has recently sent Mrs MacLauchlan information about the girl Westfield Infant School is sponsoring.

Her name is Gowri and she is 16 years old. Her Father is a 'cooli' working as a farm labourer and Gowri has one brother and three sisters. Her grandparents also live with the family.

Gowri has sent us a letter which she has written in English. Her handwriting is very neat and Mrs MacLauchlan read the letter out. Gowri would like to be a teacher one day.

Outside the Library we are going to have a display board so that all the information about Gowri can be shared with the whole school. Year 2 are making a special book for Gowri so that she can find out about Westfield Infant School.