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Westfield Bears

Rowland Bear

Rowland Bear is very popular with the children at Westfield Infant School. He gets to visit the children in each class. He chooses where to spend the week during Fridays weekly assembly. He usually chooses a class that is trying really hard or achieved a target that was set them. On  some occasions he also spends time in a class to check that all the children are following the Golden Rules! Sometimes he likes to be in Mrs MacLauchlan's office looking onto the playground - he enjoys watching the children playing nicely with the Playpod equipment!

Brumas Bear

Brumas is a very well travelled bear! He has been on lots of adventures all over the world!! He helps us to learn about other countries and has a variety of photographs and artefacts he likes to share with us during these lessons.

Singing Bears

Singing Bears are very important during our weekly singing time. They listen and look carefully for a class that are trying hard to learn words to new songs and enjoy singing together. If the singing bear chooses your class they spend time in your classroom until the next singing session! Each Year group has a different singing bear so they love to meet all the children during their time at Westfield Infant School!